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Wonderful World of Gemstones


Mystic Topaz Earrings

One of the most dazzling designer gemstones in the world is the Azotic Mystic Topaz. It was created in 1998 by the Azotic Coating Technology, Inc., and its popularity immediately skyrocketed. The gorgeous play of prismatic colors in the Azotic Mystic Topaz comes from attaching a natural White Topaz to a thin layer of titanium metal. Light passing through the titanium-coated Topaz causes the gemstone to shine like an Aurora Borealis with a dark rainbow-like display of vibrant, mesmerizing colors. Because the coating process does...

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Black Agate Druzy

Black Agate Druzy is thought to enhance creativity and strengthen the mind. Associated with calm and protection, Black Agate Druzy ranges in color between pure jet-black and charcoal gray. Deep in the heart of each Black Agate Druzy gemstone are clear quartz crystals that reflect the color of the surrounding stone. This “swimming pool effect” effect causes the crystals to appear gray or black. Most Black Agate Druzy comes from Brazil and has a rough-cut, faintly shimmery texture.

Adorn yourself with Black Agate Druzy silver jewelry...

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Black Banded Agate Pendant

Black Agate is a dark and mysterious jet-black crystal that is associated with calm and inner strength. Found primarily in Africa and Brazil, each unique Black Agate stone may feature natural patterns created by bands of colors. These colors include stark white, glowing cream or lemon yellow, ember-orange, or vibrant ice-blue. Black Agates that have no pattern are an intense black, polished to a gleaming shine.

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Azurite Pendant
Called the “Stone of Heaven” by the ancient Chinese, Azurite is a vibrant indigo-blue gemstone that has been shrouded in myth, mystery, and legend by many civilizations. Its twin is the deep green Malachite, and both minerals are often found together – either separately or intertwined into “Azure-Malachite.” Rarer still is “Bluebird” Azurite, which is a mixture of Azurite and dark red Cuprite.

Ana Silver Co. selects quality Azurite specimens, sets each unique piece into pure 925 Sterling Silver, and offers these one-of-a-kind jewelry beauties...

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Aquamarine Ring
Fabled to be the treasure of mermaids, Aquamarines have long been associated with the sea and the moon. In ancient times, sailors wore Aquamarines for protection during their voyages – a tradition that has carried over into modern centuries. This beautiful blue-green or transparent turquoise gem evokes a deep sense of calm tranquility and peaceful resolutions to conflicts. Aquamarine rings and pendants are perfect romantic gifts to symbolize love as eternal as the sea. Aquamarine is also the March birthstone.

The masterful artisans of Ana Silver Co....

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