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Wonderful World of Gemstones


Ammolite Pendant
A gemstone of intense brilliance and beauty, Ammolite – also called “Calcenite” and “Korite” – has only recently been recognized with official gemstone status in 1981. Since then, Ammolite has become a popular gemstone in jewelry. Its vivid showing of iridescent color rivals Opal with the intensity of its hues, which typically range between all four primary colors – bright green, fiery red, sapphire blue, and golden or amber yellow. The full rainbow spectrum of color may be present in a single Ammolite stone!

Ammolite is created...

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Amethyst earrings

The semiprecious violet gemstone, Amethyst, is well-known as the February birthstone. Also called the “Couple’s Stone” and associated with faithful love, Amethyst is the stone of St. Valentine.

Nicknamed a “Gem of Fire,” it was popular in ancient cultures throughout history: The Egyptians used it for jewelry, the Romans made intaglio engravings by carving designs into the back of the Amethyst gemstone pendants, and medieval European soldiers wore Amethyst amulets for protection in battle. Amethyst adorned the breastplate of the Jewish High Priest, and Christian...

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Amazonite PendantThe ancient and mysterious beauty of the turquoise blue-green Amazonite gemstone traces back to Mesopotamian cultures. Egyptian pyramids belonging to pharaohs such as King Tutankamen contained Amazonite jewelry among their treasures. Most strongly associated with the moon, Amazonite is purported to enhance a sense of calm and stress relief. Amazonite colors range from pale green to deep blue, with the most common being hues of turquoise-green, and it contains streaks or delicate web-like designs of pure white. It is a birthstone for Virgo.

Throughout the centuries, Amazonite...

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Abalone Shell Ring

Resplendent with the beautiful colors of the sea in iridescent oil-like rainbow patterns, Abalone Shell – which is lined with Nacre, also called Mother-of-Pearl – has been incorporated in jewelry around the world for centuries. Like the ocean itself, Abalone Shell is associated with beauty, comfort, calm, gentleness, peace, creativity, and imagination. The gift of Abalone Shell jewelry symbolizes a wish for good luck, happiness, and prosperity.

Abalone Shell comes from the shells of marine mollusks called abalone, sea snails, and oysters. Also called...

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