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Sunstone Jewelry

The Sunstone is a chatoyant gemstone that's known to give off a spangled appearance depending on which way you view it. Varying degrees of light can also aid in finding a true look to this crystal and although it’s in essence a mineral is no denying its attractive colors and brilliant shine.

Originally found in southern parts of Norway the stone can also give off reflections from the many inclusions of red copper and hexagonical feldspar.

Even if it's not commonly found in jewelry, there are however many ways that the Sunstone can look unique in the right hands of a gem cutter.

Common among those who seek out adventure and love to explore, the Sunstone is a common centerpiece to any jewelry collection no matter what your preference in color or crystals may be.

The Sunstone can be commonly used in a necklace or pendant, although there are many people who prefer a custom cut slab that also doubles as a decorative stone.

The rarest of Sunstones can include a transparent stone with a center of red or pinkish red. These basic colors can also vary depending on what area the Sunstone is mined from.

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