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Shungite Jewelry

One of the oldest stones known to man, the Shungite is an amazing stone and one that's been connected to health and well-being since ancient times. It's an extraordinarily positive stone and it's one that many people desire for their favorite necklace setting.

The stone contains fullerenes, which are powerful antioxidants and has been used to heal by boiling in warm water as well as placing on the human body. It's a very rare stone and one that's only been found in the most remote places of Russia.

Over 2 billion years old the Shungite Stone has been believed to have been formed by ancient oceans and the microscopic organisms that inhabited it.

Shungite Is still very popular and for good reason, the stone still has value as an electric conducting material as much as the use in jewelry. It can shield you from EMF and electromagnetic radiation waves from things like TVs, computers, cell phones and more.

Those who believe in the dark and mysterious stones powers to heal wear the stone with pride.

This gemstone has been known to calm and relax those who wear it or come close to it. Either this is from its protective energies or the rejection of negative forces, but either way it's still a very sought-after stone.

Perfect for alleviating headaches as well as doing with respiratory issues, this stone is very popular despite its dark and mysterious complexion. When you want the very best Shungite jewelry there's fewer places to turn to than our professional team at Ana Silver Co.

Our vast selection of Shungite stones are handcrafted by our talented artisans and culminate in the most stunning and unique Shungite jewelry you will ever see. All of our Shungite jewelry is made using only the finest 925 Sterling Silver. From Shungite silver pendants, unique Shungite silver rings, and dazzling Shungite silver earrings, we have the selection you want.

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for your special someone or looking to treat yourself, Ana Silver Co. has something for everyone! Our Shungite silver earrings are hypo-allergenic, and you'll be hard pressed to match our Shungite jewelry styling and prices. Come and check out what makes Ana Silver Co. the best jeweler in town today.