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Red Coral Jewelry

Coral has often been referred to as the garden of the sea, and it's remarkable appearance can be a huge bonus for any jewelry collection. Specifically the Red Coral is one of the most common forms of this stone, and it had once been believed that coral contained live creatures called polyps.

Fact is however that Red Coral is a mass of accumulated skeletal remains from these creatures and it comes in a wild display of natural colors from pink, white, yellow and even black.

Historical artifacts and records reflect the fact that coral has been used in artistic collections and jewelry of all kinds for many generations.

Many of these older cultures and civilizations believed that the coral stone could prevent ill fortune and offer protection. Coral has also been known to boost skin health and stop skin disease, and is commonly worn in necklaces.

Red Coral necklaces and jewelry have often symbolized life and blood force, and has been used over the ages to heal and improve health. Many civilizations believed that the darker the red color in coral, the greater healing power and connection to the blood it had. 

Whether it's to boost your energy, improve your blood circulation or fix problems with lethargy, the Red Coral jewelry can be a stunning addition to any collection. It's also been celebrated for its ability to address and correct deficient nutrition issues.

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