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Mushroom Rhyolite Jewelry

Mushroom Rhyolite is also known as the common Mushroom picture jasper, and it's popular in both raw form as well as finished or polished varieties. While the appearance of this stone can be highly varied, there's no doubting the powerful attraction that many people have to it, in both forms. The mushroom picture rock can come with a variety of different pits and variations that can often be seen as unique inclusions. 

This unusual stone when polished can give off different hues and colors and look quite striking under sunlight. Some of these colors include variations of red, orange, green, and dark gray in addition to browner tones which is where the Mushroom name comes from. 

The Mushroom Rhyolite has been connected to powers of healing and known to heal those who are sick or ill. It's also been known to speed up the healing process in many people as well. When the wearer has different forms of this stone, it can really unlock their health and inner strength.

Commonly used by ancient civilizations to help their warriors in times of need, the Mushroom Rhyolite is popular among business people as well as entrepreneurs and jewelry collectors alike. It's many colors and meanings can mean that the Mushroom Rhyolite piece you decide on is unique and unlike any other on the planet.

This factor of uniqueness is what draws so many people to various forms of this Mushroom Rhyolite jewelry.

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