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Lizardite jewelry

Reptilian and serpentine in appearance the Lizardite stone has differences between it and Nepouite. Whereas nepouite uses nickel as Its primary source or mineral, the Lizardite replaces the nickel with magnesium. Also called orthoantigorite this stone has many fans who love its green and yellowish inclusions that make any piece of jewelry unique.

When carefully cut and polished the Lizardite looks great in a ring setting or as a centerpiece of any jewelry. There are many benefits that are believed to convey to the wearer from the Lizardite stone. One of the more common beliefs is that the Lizardite stone extends powers of healing and strength.

The Lizardite mineral is translucent and can take on a green to soft olive green appearance. Although it looks good on any high traffic form of jewelry it is relatively soft which means that care should be taken. 

The Lizardite stone is found in many different locations around the world, from Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Russia, South Africa and the USA.

There are also many bracelets cut from Lizardite beads that are excellent additions to your collection of jewelry. Each piece of our one-of-a-kind Lizardite jewelry is handcrafted by our talented artisans with the finest 925 Sterling Silver.

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