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Astrophyllite Jewelry

One of the rarest gemstones in production, Astrophyllite can vary in color and appearance which makes each rare gemstone that much more unique. Astrophyllite can range from a brown to golden-yellow hue and can contain traces of titanium silicate. This titanium can show up brightly, especially in darker colored gemstones.

There are many mystical properties of the Astrophyllite gemstone, most of which revolve around life and self-discovery. Recognized as a light filled and hopeful gem, the Astrophyllite has strong ties to metaphysical transformation and realizing your potential. It's said that the ancient civilizations recognized the Astrophyllite as a stone that could help you accept yourself and who you are. 

Believed to be a remarkably tranquil stone, the Astrophyllite has lots of connections to the astral world and the horizons of the sky. Said to be honest and a reflection of your inner self, there are many people that believe once you fully know yourself through the Astrophyllite you can help yourself get ahead in life. 

Not always easy to set in jewelry due to its rare nature, the Astrophyllite can help you move your life journey forward and open a new chapter in your story. The Astrophyllite gemstone is very popular in Eastern countries and popular with royalty as well. Being a rare stone, this gem can be a great and interesting addition to any jewelry collector.

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