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Agua Nueva Agate Jewelry

Made up of several agate stones and colors, the Agua Nueva Agate is uniquely beautiful and stunning in its raw forms. Also known as one of the most exotic cabochon stones, the Agua Nueva Agate is also very popular in its raw form. Naturally found in the Southwest as well as Mexico, this stone is remarkably unique in that no two forms of this stone are alike. This uniqueness is easily seen in the variety of colors as well as shapes and nodular patterns.

There are many base colors of the Agua Nueva Agate, including lavender, brown, green and white. There are also some variations of this stone that include a transparent stone or crystal, which makes for a fantastically unique set of jewelry. One of the most fascinating and striking cabochon stones in Mexico, this stone is often cut into tongue or rounded shapes, making them ideal for necklaces and rings.

The Agua Nueva Agate stone is so popular most people collect it in raw form, as just a stone instead of jewelry. In its base form this stone can often be found on desks or tables as conversation starters. When not used as a decorative stone, the Agua Nueva Agate has great potential for collectable jewelry and necklaces as well as hand wear and bracelets.

The Agua Nueva Agate was commonly found in history among the ruins of Mayan temples or structures. Commonly found in the hills and mines of Chihuahua, Mexico, there are many different patterns of this Agua Nueva Agate stone. Agua Nueva Agate jewelry is both unique as well as an interesting conversation starter whether worn or set out for public consumption. Its wild varying colors also makes it very popular in business type settings and office decorations. 

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