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Zebra Jasper Jewelry

Like many other jasper stones the Zebra Jasper has been used in history for his protective powers as well as its healing ability. Whereas some of the other Jasper stones formed sedimentary processes are earthy in tone, this stone is striking in its monochromatic colorations.

The Zebra Jasper is known as a stone of infinite energy and love and can be shaped and cut into very different forms and shapes. These can often be worked into a necklace or even earrings that can also be polished. These stones are known to reveal our true natures helplessly past the illusions that other people put up.

This simple characteristic makes this stone increasingly beneficial for those who are working in the business place for those who deal with the public. Because this jasper stone is also known to be protective, it can shield you from the negative lies and misconceptions that will around you put up.

As one of the greatest grounding jaspers in the world this stone can be helpful in your relationship as well as you work setting.

Being able to see through the illusions that many people put in front of you can help you get ahead in your career as well as advance your business. Carefully crafted and built to be unique, each piece of our Zebra Jasper jewelry is handcrafted and made to be one of a kind.

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