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Tiger Iron Jewelry

Combining different stones such as hematite and different jasper stones, the Tiger Iron has an increasingly unique look that's hard to replicate. It's known as a stone of clarity and mental vision has been used by people to increase their knowledge and understanding.

Being able to improve your creative juices is just one aspect and reason why this stone is so popular among those who create for a living. The Tiger Iron is also used to bring strength and balance in a metaphysical manner to those who may need it.

It also happens to be an incredibly lucky stone and one use throughout folklore to heal and improve the quality of one's life.

While It's not quite as known as many other gems and stones the Tiger Iron is known to help increase blood circulation and balance out white and red blood cells. These health benefits can make all the difference for those suffering from poor health or conditions that drive down their quality of life.

Tiger Iron Typically comes in a variation of colors with stripes that can make it look more unique than any other style of stone that you may have in your collection. Finding the best kind of jewelry can often entail eking out the bass gem cutters and handcrafters that can carefully mold and sculpt your stone into the setting you want.

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