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Septarian Geode Jewelry

The Septarian Geode goes by several different names, Dragonstone or Septerye are just two of the common ones. The Dragonstone is fairly rare and uncommon, although one of the most popular places to find it is in Utah near the Zion National Park.

Septarian Geode has been known to bring people together and enhances calming energies between them. 

As a form of sedimentary geode, the Septarian Geode is formed in seabeds through the process of drying out and cracking, which gives the Dragonstone it's unique cracked appearance. These stones are formed through the sediments that can also give the Septarian Geode pockets and hollow interiors. 

The stone gets its name from the Latin word of septum which means partition. The Septarian Geode is used in a variety of jewelry settings including shaped necklaces as well as pendants.

Stones that have a multitude of cracks and separations can look extremely appealing and the most ardent stone collector is after the more unique Septarian Geode stones. 

Combining yellow calcite, brown aragonite, grey limestone and whiter barite the Dragonstone comes in a various colors and hues.

The colors in this stone can include Yellow, brown, white, and even clear or colorless elements. When you want the very best Septarian Geode jewelry there's fewer places to turn to than our professional team at Ana Silver Co.

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