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Scenic Dendritic Agate Jewelry

This style of agate stone is translucent and can range in colors and appearance. Often found as colorless to whitish-gray, the Scenic Dendritic Agate can also include a range of chalcedony quartz inclusions that make it easy to distinguish.

The distinct trees like inclusions are named dendrites which usually look dark or black in color.

Although Dendritic agate is typically translucent and range to opaque colors, most collectors seek translucent specimens. Most Scenic Dendritic Agate stones have a waxy appearance although they can be polished into a shiny luster.

Many unique appearing Scenic Dendritic Agate stones can often look like landscapes or parts of the road, which make them more unique and sought after. 

Given its name from the Greek word of tree like, the Dendrite markings can give the Scenic Dendritic Agate stone a unique and natural appearance. These markings may look organic or natural but in fact they are inorganic traces of manganese or sometimes even iron.

The most unique Scenic Dendritic Agate settings require a skillful cutter and gem setter. Because the inclusions can often run deep and be uneven, the more skillful cutters can arrange the inclusions in such a manner that jewelry can seem uneven or layered.

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