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Red Phantom Quartz Jewelry

As one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, Quartz and Hematite can be found in every nation of the world. The true attraction of the Red Phantom Quartz occurs when Hematite is combined within quartz and forms layers and the identifying stripes of red phantom layers, it creates the rare looking stones that many people eagerly seek out. 

The upper layer of this stone is what's referred to as the phantom layer, and its part of the allure of this remarkable stone. This Red Phantom Quartz stone is meant to give you an invaluable way to attract positive information about yourself and others.

Popular among jewelers the Red Phantom Quartz is one of the famous crystals that are designed to unlock the illusions that can confuse people. Being able to reconcile the physical and emotional aspects of these aspects, the Red Phantom Quartz is popular in jewelry and other decorative settings.

These crystals have been known to generate energy, passion and creativity which is why this stone is so popular among artists and creative types.

Writers and people that rely on their creative juices can also help their cause by wearing jewelry with the Red Phantom Quartz as the centerpiece. Uniquely hand crafted with the highest of excellence, our Red Phantom Quartz jewelry is assembled and built by the loving hands of our talented artisans with the finest 925 Sterling Silver.

No two pieces of our Red Phantom Quartz jewelry are exactly alike! Browse our stunning selection of Red Phantom Quartz silver pendants, unique Red Phantom Quartz silver rings, and dazzling Red Phantom Quartz silver earrings. 

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for your special someone or looking to treat yourself, Ana Silver Co. has something for everyone! Our Red Phantom Quartz silver earrings are hypo-allergenic, and our selection of Red Phantom Quartz jewelry is unmatched. See what makes Ana Silver Co different by shopping with us.

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