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Picasso Jasper Jewelry

The Picasso Jasper is one of the most incredibly varied limestones found in nature that undergoes a variety of different metaphysical changes and transformations due to the heat and pressure of its environments.

Creating a beautiful layered affect and found in a mixed range of colors, the Picasso Jasper is well received in necklaces and pendants alike depending on the setting.

The patterns of this jasper stone make it a great choice for people who indulge in meditation or self-reflection. These stones are used during meditation sessions and can help you increase your focus and bring about feelings of peace and self-ease. It's also a commonly used stone that can help you understand and go through transitions in relationships as well as renew lost friendships.

Because of the changes and different inclusions that make up the Picasso jasper, it's very unique and extremely stunning in the right jewelry setting. Many people see these stones as expressive maps or roadmaps to success given their appearance. This is why so many professionals wear this stone for its benefits in success and money. 

Because of the nature of this stone and ability to bring people together, this Jasper stone can be an important helper for those who wish to consciously work with people and need to extend friendships and relationships into business. The Picasso Jasper is also believed to attract like-minded people that can create and forge long lasting relationships with loyal and trusted friends.

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