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Petrified Wood Jewelry

Contrary to popular belief Petrified Wood is in fact a fossil. This stone can often form over years as wood is buried by sediment and isolated from oxygen and thus will not decay. As groundwater with minerals and dissolved solids in it can form over the organic wood, the sediment can form and replace the wood.

Petrified Wood is therefore wood that's replaced with silica, calcite, or pyrite while keeping the same wood structure and formation.

There are many different elements that make Petrified Wood very popular for people who want a more unique take on their jewelry.

It's also commonly used in furniture or shelving to truly unlock a unique look in any room or setting. There are also many different forms of Petrified Wood pottery that can lend a rustic or unique look to your home or collection.

While Petrified Wood in jewelry settings aren't quite a popular as many other fossils, it's still a very unique way to approach a necklace or pendant piece. Use of Petrified Wood can increase your life and add years onto your health through its various benefits and energies. 

While Petrified Wood can also be found in rings or bands, the most common use of this fossil is in a necklace or pendant.

Jewelers can also use shaped parts of Petrified Wood into various bracelets as well. One of the largest sources of Petrified Wood is the many national parks known for sourcing this unique style of stone.

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