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Owyhee Opal Jewelry

The Owyhee Opal has many meanings to many different people. In the metaphysical sense this opal is a prism of your inward and outward feelings and can be used to enhance and accentuate these emotions.

When used by healers and shamans, the Owyhee Opal has also been connected to the ability to soothe and give life energy to the wearer as well as boosting your joy and positive emotions that are within your heart.

In conjunction to the positive emotions and powers of the Owyhee Opal, it's also known to bring your traits and characteristics to the surface.

This allows you or another to inspect and see your true meaning, and that's why this stone is so popular in business dealings and places where agreements and discussions take place. It's best used in an office setting or worn during these times, and can reveal the true intent of the people and individuals you are dealing with.

The Owyhee Opal gets its name from the Latin word of opalus or the precious stone, as well as the references to Ops, the wife of Saturn and goddess of fertility. Because of these concepts the Owyhee Opal has been known to be favorite pendant pieces or necklaces, and commonly used in women's jewelry.

This opal stone was originally found in Owyhee, Oregon which gives the stone it's color. Often appearing in sky blue or light blue hues, the stone can come in translucent finishes and can be ground to a fine polish.

Over time the Owyhee Opal can even become opaque when exposed to the air and dehydration begins. This opal gemstone gives off a high, celestial vibration that's connected to angelic themes and feelings of supernatural overtones.

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