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Green Moss Agate Jewelry

Not truly an agate because of the lack of bands, the Green Moss Agate is part of the Agate family. Recognized by jewelers as a form of Chalcedony which is a mineral in the Quartz family, the Green Moss Agate often appears transparent to milky white. There are several inclusions that make this stone unique in appearance, from the patterns of manganese or iron that can give the stone a unique moss like look. 

Throughout ancient times the Green Moss Agate has been known as a crystal of growth and the earth. Often recognized as being one of the best healing stones of its kind, there were many ancient healers that believed that the stone would interact with the human healing system and give the wearer many benefits to make them strong and healthy. 

Agates are known as excellent crystals for balancing emotional, physical and intellectual energy. Many people believe the Green Moss Agate is still one of the most powerful healing stones imaginable and capable of expelling the negative forces that can surround them.

As well as being connected to growth and the earth, the Green Moss Agate is also a stone of wealth and power. This makes it very popular among business people and entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of the stones powers.

The Green Moss Agate is commonly found in unique rings as well as bracelets and can make for an attractive addition to any trinket or jewelry collection. Carefully crafted and built to be unique, each piece of our Green Moss Agate jewelry is handcrafted and made to be one of a kind.

Built with the finest 925 Sterling Silver, we guarantee that no two pieces of our Green Moss Agate jewelry are exactly alike!

You can browse our extensive selection of Green Moss Agate silver pendants, unique Green Moss Agate silver rings, and dazzling Green Moss Agate silver earrings. No matter who or what event you are shopping for, our comprehensive Green Moss Agate selection gives you the best gift for your hard earned dollar.

No matter who are you shopping for, the special someone or looking to treat yourself, Ana Silver Co. has the Green Moss Agate variety and catalog you are after! Our Green Moss Agate silver earrings are hypo-allergenic, and our selection of Green Moss Agate jewelry is unmatched. See what makes Ana Silver Co different by shopping with us.