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Green Copper Composite Turquoise

When most people think of turquoise, the typical teal color usually comes to mind. The name of the color we know today was actually derived from the gemstone, turquoise. For most of time, blue turquoise varieties were considered most desirable, while green turquoise was thought to be inferior.

It was believed by the ancients that blue turquoise did not lose color over time, and that stones with lesser blues would eventually fade to green. However, history has shown that this is not the case. Since recent times, the demand for green turquoise has increased. 

Turquoise is colored by traces of copper, the same element responsible for the green-blue color of Paraiba tourmaline. Its greens can range from shades of bluish-green to apple-green or lime-green. 

Green turquoise is indeed a rarity, but it can be found in a few areas around the world. Mongolia and Egypt's turquoise deposits are known to occur more green than blue. Mines from India are also known to produce green turquoise.

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