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Green Aventurine Jewelry

With a lot in common to the green amethyst the Green Aventurine is also called the Stone of Opportunity for its connections to wealth and success. The Green Aventurine is known as the luckiest of all crystals and can convey a sense of wealth to its wearer. The winning energy found in Green Aventurine is commonly used in jewelry worn by people who like playing games of chance. 

This beautiful stone is found in many different necklaces and its deep green look can really convey the power of opportunity to anyone who will wear it. Although this stone is not as common, its connection to wealth and power is inevitable.

Green Aventurine can bring optimism and change your outlook, as well as increase the zest for life.

The Green Aventurine stone can have several inclusions such as Mica or other minerals that can give the quartz a glimmering shine or appeal. Although this is not common it's easily one of the more sought after traits to the Green Aventurine stone.

When tumbled or polished the Green Aventurine can give off a natural gleam that's not found in any other place in nature. 

Aventurine gets its name from the Italian word for ventura or all’avventura, meaning “by chance.” This gem can come in green in most occurrences although some gems can look blue, red and even reddish-brown or orange to peach.

Given its wide range there's no surprise why Green Aventurine is mostly translucent, although excessive inclusions of minerals can make it look opaque.

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