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Green Amethyst Jewelry

Although the amethyst is usually the purple and violet shade of quartz stone, there are many fans of the Green Amethyst. This stone is also known as the Prasiolite, and the Green Amethyst is often found in nature as the golden-green quartz stone that can look beautiful in any light.

Customers looking for the best Green Amethyst jewelry are often confusing the gem for what jewelers call the prasiolite, and its name comes from the Greek word for "leek-green". This Green Amethyst is similar in color to peridot or gold-green beryl, and it's not normally found in nature. 

The highest quality of this stone is usually made by heating an amethyst or yellowish quartz in a production setting. Even though that's the most natural form that this stone is found in, there are many green amethysts that are sold on the market that are made from a synthetic quartz.

This stone is usually a vivid mint-green or blue-green and can look natural in a ring setting or pendant.

There are some forms of Green Amethyst that appear naturally and those are called the chrysoprase and aventurine stones. The Aventurine Green Amethyst is mostly dark-green, and can contain traces of green mica that give the stone a silvery metallic look. There are also Green Amethyst gems that contain nickel to give it a apple-green appearance and has inclusions that give it a unique look.

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