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Geode Jewelry

Geode are some of the most popular decorative rocks and are usually cut in slabs. This is to accentuate the center or hollow cavities that are usually filled with crystals and special formations that can truly convey how beautiful this crystal collection is. 

Usually found in nature as a round rock, the Geode contains remarkable collections of crystals that are called nodules. These crystals range from agates, jaspers or a variety of chalcedony stones that can give a truly unique look to any setting. 

Although Geodes are commonly used as decorative pieces there are many smaller units that do well in a necklace or pendant.

These are typically harder to find because most of these crystal formations are larger and cut into slabs so that they can be interesting decorations.

These stones usually being life as a bubble in volcanic rock or sedimentary rock, and culminate into wonderful creations. Over thousands of years the outer casing hardens allowing silica precipitation to create and form the crystal formations inside the rock.

This is caused by the silica precipitation that can usually contain any variety of dissolved minerals or quartz, although amethyst and calcite are the most common elements.

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