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Fossil Coral Jewelry

Formed over thousands if not millions of years from the basis of ancient corals, the Fossil Coral is also known as the agatized coral. This is caused by agate replacing the coral and eventually over time becoming a form of chalcedony. This stone is also called microcrystalline quartz and it's a unique and historical way to enjoy your custom jewelry.

Agatized fossil corals can be found in a wide range of different colors, lending to it's flexibility in jewelry and other settings. Fossil Coral can come from white and pink to brown, gray, black, yellow and even red colors. Because of the natural and random ways in which the Fossil Coral is formed, the original mineral content and oxidation can manifest the different ways in which the coral can appear.

Most corals are found in shallow, warm or tropical waters and fed on plankton when they were alive. Over millions of years these corals died and underwent years of transformation as the fossilized structures became one of the most colorful and interesting agates on Earth. 

Fossil coral jewelers come in a wide range of styles, but many Eastern cultures prefer stones with the complete coral in them. This can include the head, and mouth opening as well as the full circular shape of the fossilized coral.

Many of these fossils can look exactly as they did when they were alive, only made up of silica, iron, manganese and other minerals now to make for an interesting conversation starter as a necklace or pendant. Every single piece of Fossil Coral jewelry found at Ana Silver Co. is handcrafted by our talented artisans.

Using only the finest 925 Sterling Silver, there are no two pieces of our Fossil Coral jewelry are exactly alike! See our stunning selection of Fossil Coral silver pendants, unique Fossil Coral silver rings, and dazzling Fossil Coral silver earrings.

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for your special someone or looking to treat yourself, Ana Silver Co. has something for everyone! Our Fossil Coral silver earrings are hypo-allergenic, and you'll be hard pressed to match our Fossil Coral jewelry styling and prices. Come and check out what makes Ana Silver Co. the best jeweler in town today.