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Fire Opal Jewelry

An incredible opal with a colorful range of effects from transparent to translucent, the Fire Opal is given its name because of the fire-like hue of yellow to orange to red that's at the center of the gemstone. Making it extremely popular for necklaces and rings, the Fire Opal is a common centerpiece of many different jewelry collections.

The Fire Opal traditionally does not flash or gleam like many other gemstones do under direct sunlight, but t's celebrated in many different cultures for its powers and energies. Ancient civilizations believed in the power of love and healing within these magnificent opals, and the belief is carried over to owners of today.

One of the most unique opals known to mankind, the Fire opal is a symbol of love and mutual respect. Many tropical cultures believed this gem had the powers to create and cultivate feelings of respect between warring factions. 

The warm glow of this opal has won over jewel enthusiasts all over the world. Fire Opals are commonly sought after for its radiant orange glow and deep colors of passionate red.

Made from silicic acid and containing a high level of water, the Fire Opal is extremely popular among jewel enthusiasts as well as collectors around the world.

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