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Druzy jewelry

Using several smaller crystals to achieve a glittering effect, Druzy is a colorful stone that's popular in many different forms of jewelry. Often used to replicate the look of a bigger gemstone, druzy quartz gems are formed over millions of years. Growing under an agate or similar stone, the druzy mineral is commonly unearthed under many other different kinds of gemstones. 

Although druzy does not always refer to the quartz form, it’s often found in a plate-like form. This makes it very popular in necklace settings and can take the form of a garnet, or even a calcite and these stones are also popular as a ring. 

Druzy can come in several different sizes of crystal which can range in appearance. There are larger and smaller facets to these crystals which make them tremendous display items.

Although these are usually durable crystals care must be taken to avoid damaging the stone. The Druzy crystal is usually cut along the lines of the crystal for an easy way to polish and improve the natural color of the stone. 

The color and flash make it a surefire way to create something beautiful and eye catching. The edges are usually bezel-set making it a natural centerpiece of any jewelry setting like a ring or necklace.

Because the druzy crystal can often give the impression of a larger stone, it's very popular in many different forms of jewelry.Each piece of our one-of-a-kind Druzy jewelry is handcrafted by our talented artisans with the finest 925 Sterling Silver.

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