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Dalmatian Jasper Jewelry

Also known as the Dalmatian Stone, this incredible varied and popular spotted stone is widely used in rings and necklaces. It conveys many emotions to owners and embodies many principles that center on encouraging a sense of life and enjoyment to the wearer. Given as a gift to people who are highly analytical and don't often do things impetuously, the gift of a Dalmatian Jasper ring or necklace can have different meanings for different people. 

Although it's called a Jasper, it's truly a stone or agate type which comes in a variety of creamy to pale gray and brown colors. There are black or brown spots that are iron oxide, tourmaline, or other mineral inclusions, which make the stone resemble a Dalmatian dog. This stone has many properties known for its protective and healing properties and has been used throughout the ages to heal those who are wounded or sick. 

Dalmatian Jaspers are also known to break down barriers and allow you to explore and enjoy life. There are many purposes for this stone in jewelry which make it popular for many cultures, regardless of where they live. This stone is also remarkable to help those produce and dispel feelings of revenge or anger, as well as move on with your life and avoid conflict.

The most popular form of this Dalmatian Stone is one with larger black spots or exceptions. These spots are usually made up of black tourmaline, which is also known for its spiritual energies and positive effect on the human mind and psyche. Anyone who is a fan of Black Dalmatian Jasper jewelry will understand the very human qualities that this stone promotes.

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