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Czech Moldavite Jewelry

This stone appears as a olive-green or emerald colored stone, and it can range from bright to dull green colors. There are many theories as to the development of the Czech Moldavite stone, one of which includes meteorite impact which could have led to the development and production of this tektite. Because of the popularity of this stone there are unfortunately many fakes and false stones out there, which can confuse many buyers.

The bottle-green coloration of the Czech Moldavite can be highly pleasing to the eye, and is common in many forms of jewelry. The Czech Moldavite stone is commonly mistaken for glass, and the gemstone comes in many different forms and shapes, and when highly polished can become an incredible centerpiece of jewelry. Many outlets that distribute Czech Moldavite enjoy the high popularity of this stone in the Middle East as well Asia.

Classified as a Tektite or impact glass that's been produced over 10 million years ago, the Czech Moldavite is extremely rare and precious. Only found in small pockets of the Czech Republic, the Czech Moldavite stone is remarkable and very popular in necklace settings as well as bracelets. 

Genuine Moldavite is hard to come by, given the rare combination of minerals required. Glassy mixture of silicone dioxide, aluminum oxide and other oxides, Czech Moldavite is formed along the plateaus of the Czech Republic. The color of Czech Moldavite is commonly forest green and can range in depth and brightness. Some other samples can be found in pale green to light green, which can give the buyer a nice range from which to choose their jewelry. 

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