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Coffee Bean Jasper Jewelry

The Coffee Bean Jasper can be found under many different names, but shares a lot in common with other jaspers and stones. The Coffee Bean Jasper is also known as the Chinese Picture Jasper as well as the Variegated Jasper and is known to inspire artists and musicians over the years and generations. Found in the hillsides and mountains of China, the Coffee Bean Jasper is technically not a jasper stone. Made from a process of sedimentary rock, typically jewelry with Coffee Bean Jasper in it is coated for extra protection and harness. 

The Coffee Bean Jasper is believed to have properties of protection and shielding against negative energies. It's also connected to feelings of rest and relaxation, and has been enjoyed for many generations to calm and soothe the nerves. Many cultures to this day believe in the physical, emotional and intellectual properties that the Coffee Bean Jasper stone conveys.

In appearance the Coffee Bean Jasper is very common in Asian cultures and worn typically as beads on a bracelet. Although these beads can be connected through different media, they can appear and look very different depending on the cut and style of this stone. Many of the older Coffee Bean Jasper beads can appear to be a soft pale silvery gray color with markings that can range from black to red. 

Although it's mostly popular in a bracelet form, the makeup and composition of the Coffee Bean Jasper bead means that no two pieces of jewelry will ever look alike. This benefits shoppers who are after the best looking and most unique Coffee Bean Jasper jewelry out there. 

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