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Chrysoprase Jewelry

Chrysoprase is a gemstone that's wonderfully colored and used in many different forms of jewelry. This gemstone can also contain small quantities of nickel and come in varying colors such as apple green to deep green. There are many darker varieties of chrysoprase, which are also known as simply prase. As a form of chalcedony crystal this stone is most commonly found in Russia, Brazil, Madagascar, and South Africa as well as various places across the United States. 

Chrysoprase can appear in many different colors, but one of the most popular and sought after is the green Chrysoprase. Some gems that have nickel in them can create lovely patterns and highlight the beauty and richness of the green stone. Some of these gems come in bright green to pale yellowish green and are delightful in necklaces and pendants. The stone promotes joy and happiness and is known to dispel negative energies and heal the heart from any past wrongdoings or pains.

This stone has been celebrated over the generations and gets its name from the ancient Greeks. They termed this stone for its natural beauty and the root word of chrys means gold, while the word prase stands for leek or the green coloration that's often found in this stone.

Fans of this stone enjoy the wide range of colors that are created in the most natural manner. Most colors of the natural Chrysoprase stone range in how green they come, depending on how much nickel there is in them. The more yellowish green tinges are in the Chrysoprase stone, the rarer they are because many of the modern stones appear to have just the apple green overtones in color. 

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