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Chrome Diopside Jewelry

Chrome diopside is a dark and regal green colored gemstone, that's fabulous in any jewelry setting. Ranging from a transparent to translucent sheen, the gem can carry a variety of meanings and definitions no matter what kind of jewelry you are wearing it in. Chrome diopside is most famous for its attractive forest-green color, but can also come in darker tones because of outside influences and coloring agents. These diopside gemstones can even appear black depending on the size and where they are found in the world. 

Although more typical color ranges from light green and yellowish green, the darker colors are more commonly sought after. This is for a variety of reasons, usually because the size of the gem dictates how dark or deep the green can become. Although many people mistakenly believe that green gemstones are very common in today's market, fact is that truly natural appearing gemstones in this color are very rare. 

Because the color ranges of chrome diopside deepen as the size of the gem increases, the existence of these larger stones is very rare. Many larger gems are found larger than 2 carat and can be even black in appearance they are so deep and green. 

Chrome diopside gets its color from chromium and the most sought after colors are the deeper green shades that approach black. Popular in rings and silver set necklaces, this gemstone is wildly popular in Middle Eastern countries as well as the Far Eastern Asian nations. Connected to themes of wealth and success, this gem is very rare despite what many people may think. 

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