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Chevron Amethyst Jewelry

A combination of amethyst and white quartz, the Chevron Amethyst is a rare gemstone that is often found in a V shape or pattern. This is highly conducive to being used in pendants and necklaces, which given the natural curve of the body and chest, is only a natural fit. The symbolic meaning of the Chevron Amethyst can be much more complex, with qualities of removing what is hidden as well as developing the inner spirit. 

Chevron amethyst is a gemstone that's also purported to bring the wearer courage and inner strength. It's been used in history to lift and relive the pressures of addictions. The many qualities of this rare stone make for a wonderfully spiritual piece of jewelry, no matter what the event.

The Chevron amethyst is also known in many cultures to have healing properties and is also associated with the third eye or being able to view the future. This stone can range from deep purple overtones and combined with white essences due to the presence of white quartz.

Combined over years of high density pressure, the Chevron Amethyst forges energies of quartz with the royal deep purples of amethyst. Meant to enhance the virtues of peace of mind, relaxation and self-discovery, this stone makes for an incredible addition to any collection of jewelry.

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