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Chalcedony Jewelry

There are many different forms and kinds of gemstones that fall into the category of Chalcedony crystals. Most of these stones are formed from a crystal form of silica, and composed of minerals such as quartz and moganite. Chalcedony stones are also known as widely recognized silica minerals and different colors, there are many variations such as moganite is monoclinic.

Chalcedony is often found with a waxy luster, which gives it a unique appeal and appearance. This luster can be semitransparent or even translucent in some stone variations. Because there are so many different kinds of Chalcedony stones, It can assume a wide range of colors and meanings. In the most natural form, any of the Chalcedony stones that are commonly enhanced and prepared that are part of the finished product. 

Depending on the different kinds of Chalcedony gemstones you are interested in, there are so many varieties and styles from which to choose from. Many of these gemstones are precious or semi-precious and are found in many different areas of the world. There are many notable and interesting kinds of Chalcedony stones that fit in a variety of different types of jewelry and settings. 

Germany is one of the largest centers and producers of the chalcedony stones, pressing and processing all forms and kinds of crystal formations. Many of these agate stones originate from Latin America and especially Brazil, originating in ore mines that were once popular in the 15th century.

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