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Carnelian Jewelry

Carnelian is also spelled as cornelian although the two are commonly known as the same stone. The gemstone comes in a wide range of brownish-red colors which come from the minerals that make up its composition. Carnelian can often be confused with sard, which shares much of the same colorations and styling, although the sards stone is usually darker in appearance.

The differences between sard and Carnelian can be subtle, but to gem collectors and jewelers it's obvious. Some jewelers and collectors use both stones interchangeably, but there also many variations and differences within both stones. The reddish hues between both stones are popular set in necklaces and pendants alike.

The Carnelian stone is a highly captivating gem that has the fire of a bright sunset. Carnelian has a warmth that is stimulating and empowering to those who can appreciate it's stunning beauty. Many of the elements to the Carnelian stone include endurance, leadership and courage. Ancient civilizations have used the Carnelian stone to protect and endure through difficult times, and today it's celebrated by cultures around the world.

This stone has a glassy and translucent overtone which is reddish and can range from light red to reddish brown or darker rusty browns. The Carnelian stone is part of the Quartz family and a mineral that's not very common. The traits desired in this stone are the brilliant orange and red-orange highlights. The stone gets it's name from the Latin word for flesh.

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