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Bruno Jasper Jewelry

The Bruno Jasper is commonly found in Idaho and is a highly sought after stone. The Bruno Jasper appears as a red and green stone that approaches a high quality once finished and prepared for fitment in jewelry or as a show piece. Many of the mines in Idaho can house the Bruno Jasper stone, and are typically found in a 100 mile stretch of Owyhee County.

The Bruno Jasper can range in size and are produced by pockets of gas in the upper zones of rhyolite flows. These stones can be fairly large depending on where they are found, but are typically spherical in shape and can have horizontal lines or features. There are many applications of Bruno Jasper stones used in decorative pieces with these cavities or orifices on display.

Because of the high sheen and crystal like fractures that can be found in the Bruno Jasper stones, there are many different applications for them. The internal cavities serve as sites where silica are deposited for an extra layer of quality and gem like shine. This Silica occurs in various forms and appear dark in color and range from red to brown as well. 

Formed in the Bruneau jasper rhyolite flow in the Indian Hot Springs area of Idaho, the Bruno Jasper is popular and widely used in any number of decorative set pieces. These can be placed in the office or the home, and provide a nice backdrop to any desk or furniture setting. 

Each piece of our one-of-a-kind Bruno Jasper jewelry is handcrafted by our talented artisans with the finest 925 Sterling Silver. No two pieces of our Bruno Jasper jewelry are exactly alike! Browse our stunning selection of Bruno Jasper silver pendants, unique Bruno Jasper silver rings, and dazzling Bruno Jasper silver earrings.

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for your special someone or looking to treat yourself, Ana Silver Co. has something for everyone! Our Bruno Jasper silver earrings are hypo-allergenic, and our selection of Bruno Jasper jewelry is unmatched. See what makes Ana Silver Co different by shopping with us.