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Boulder Chrysoprase Jewelry

The Boulder Chrysoprase stone comes in a variety of colors, ranging from an opalescent apple green to lighter shades of serpentine green. This quartz stone is often known to have this coloration from chromium and derives the green color from the nickel content in the stone. Commonly found in Australia or Brazil, the Boulder Chrysoprase is one of the rarest in the group of chalcedony stones.

Used throughout the ages by the Greeks, Romans, and the Egyptians in a variety of different jewelry and custom settings, the Boulder Chrysoprase can often be confused with jade. Boulder Chrysoprase is prized for its color and its rarity and it's a fairly tough stone, making it ideal for high traffic jewelry such as bracelets or rings. 

Ancient civilizations believed that Chrysoprase could heal wounds or illness. Often placed over the wound or on the person, the Boulder Chrysoprase stone is believed to speed up healing as well as extending a general feeling of goodwill and health. 

These feelings also extended to the belief that Boulder Chrysoprase could be used as a shield against negative energy or feelings. It was not uncommon to see a bowl of chrysoprase placed around the home in many civilizations to keep evil spirits at bay. Boulder Chrysoprase should always be adorned in silver when used as jewelry and should be carved into the shape of a heart to extend health and the benefits this stone is associated with.

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