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Blue Mystic Topaz Jewelry

Like the Azotic version of the mystic topaz, this stone is really a coated topaz for additional color and flair. Because most natural colors of topaz are colorless and lacks any real appeal, many jewelers coat the stone to give it a brilliant coat. This thin layer of film is much like the film found on camera lenses and can give the topaz a truly unique look. The Blue Mystic Topaz is popular in rings as well as decorative pieces of jewelry as well.

The coating on any Blue Mystic Topaz gives it a shine that's known as interference. This kind of effect can make the gem look like a rainbow in different light and refractions. This interference effect makes the Blue Mystic Topaz gem look unique, although when poorly coated can make the stone look artificial in appearance. This coating can lead to confusion about this gem, and many people can confuse the nature of he gen or think it's really a different kind of stone. 

Because these topaz stones are artificially made, the quality of the rainbow effect in Mystic Topaz can really vary. While this variance may lend a layer of uniqueness to the stone, many others see it as a negative. The visibility of these inclusions make the Blue Mystic Topaz stunning to look at, but these coatings can also become scratched or damaged. The Blue Mystic Topaz is sensitive to chemicals and thus should be carefully cleaned without resorting to traditional jewelry cleaning methods.

Most topaz stones come from overseas and while they are hard stones, you should always clean carefully as to not damage or dull the rainbow effect of the Blue Mystic Topaz. Properly set in a ring or necklace the Blue Mystic Topaz can be highly rewarding to any collection.

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