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Blue Lace Agate Jewelry

Blue Lace Agate has a certain elegance that's hard to replicate. Like any other agate stone, the natural formation of this stone can defy it's soft and soothing appearance. Sky blue and with a waxy sheen that's cool and comforting to touch, Blue Lace Agate is also known as a stimulating stone. Often connected to positive imagery and encouragement, there are many people who lean upon this stone for support and moral guidance.

Communication is a main element of the Blue Lace Agate. Believed by ancient people as a vessel of communication, these stones can help people who have difficulty making their voices heard. This stone also helps people connect to their inner clarity of thought, and decide upon a true path for success. Although this stone is not a birthstone, it's connected to the Zodiac and known as the Stone of the Diplomat.

With a sky blue and light appearance, this stone is adopted by those who are born with a natural thirst for the new and exciting. This stone also has connections to new life and the springtime, and is believed to affirm people's faith as well as patience and respect. 

Although Blue Lace Agate does not have a common connection to any birth month, the stone has a very real connection to the zodiac sign of the Gemini. This also connects it to the springtime and also has much to do with its relationship with new life and the spring. The constellation of the Gemini is also called the Sign of the Inventor, which explains a lot of the positive signs and birth of ideas and life from this stone. Commonly found in rings and necklaces the Blue Lace Agate stone is a popular choice in many jewelry collections.

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