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Blue Copper Composite Turquoise Jewelry

Celebrated for thousands of years and over the generations by many different cultures, Turquoise has been around the world and played a prominent role in many cultures. Some of these cultures include but are not limited to the Ancient Egyptians, Persians, Native North & South Americans, as well as Asians. The positive energy surrounding the Turquoise stones are built towards positive energy as well as the benefits of love and happiness.

Composite turquoise can be of great benefit if you enjoy the look of this stone. Naturally this stone is quite brittle but once it's put together and hand crafted in custom jewelry it can truly unlock the potential of this calming stone. Blue Copper Composite Turquoise can often have different colors in the matrix or the underlying web which can look like cracks in the surface of the stone. Many times these "cracks" of the under layer can be what sets your jewelry apart from the crowd.

Many people wonder why this matrix exists in composite turquoise and it's a naturally occurring byproduct when the turquoise is formed. Through weathering and the natural oxidation process, turquoise can become matrixed with black, yellow or brown. This matrix can also look like spider webbing and it's one of the most endearing features of the turquoise stone. 

Composite turquoise is typically made up of smaller pieces of turquoise, which are bonded together and formed into custom jewelry. While it may appear as though these pieces are connected may look brittle, nothing could be further from the truth. Composite turquoise can be some of the most interesting and stunningly beautiful pieces of jewelry you could ever want. 

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