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Blue Botswana Agate Jewelry

There are many different versions of the Botswana Agate, although the Blue Botswana Agate is one of the most popular ones. Believed to generate an auric field, this stone is believed to enhance creativity and treat disorders. The Blue Botswana Agate is typically gray or silver and can have a waxy sheen in appearance. People who work in dangerous conditions or risk their lives is typically encouraged to wear Blue Botswana Agate jewelry for its protective purposes and benefits in health. 

The Blue Botswana Agate is also called the stone of change because of its believed properties of evolution and change. Being able to advance or change your life through this stone is one of the most beneficial properties of this gem. Many older cultures believed that the Blue Botswana Agate can help one make transitions of any kind. It's also known as a comforting stone and has been known to ward off depression and anger, as well as feelings of negativity. 

Providing temporary relief from depression is just one of the properties of the Blue Botswana Agate. Another believed metaphysical trait of this stone is focus. This is another reason why this stone is so popular among professionals and entrepreneurs who know how important positive energy can be.

Believed to be beneficial to the wearer, Blue Botswana Agate jewelry is also said to boost the health of your skin, as well as your brain. With positive energy ad plenty of positive enforcement, having Blue Botswana Agate jewelry can be a benefit for anyone who prefers this style of jewelry.

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