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Bloodstone Jewelry

Also known as the heliotrope the bloodstone has many connections to the lifeblood in history and cultures in the past. Named the stone of Babylon by Albert the Great in ancient Greek times, the bloodstone is a green hued gem with red flecks that resemble blood stains. In fact many of the earlier traditions believed that it was the blood of Christ in the bloodstone that gave this stone its distinctive look.

Commonly believed to heal the body and promote blood flow, the bloodstone is also recognized to help promote positive energy and remove bad or negative energy. There are many ancient rituals for the bloodstone being used by healers to help injured warriors and people alike. Being able to increase blood flow was just one of the more commonly believed powers of the blood stone.

The bloodstone is found all over the world, but most commonly in India, Brazil, China, Australia, as well as select locations in the United States. Common in those countries and rare in others, the bloodstone is very popular in jewelry and especially in pendants where it can be shaped into a variety of different shapes. These shapes are usually designed and set into jewelry to highlight and accent the red blood stained colorations.

Most commonly called the heliotrope by Greek cultures, the bloodstone was always said to bring about change and a new outlook on life. It's also been said that the bloodstone would ward off the evil eye and protect and shield those who wear it. There are many other cultures that believe the bloodstone is the gem of justice and the bearer of truth. While it may or may not be those things, there does no doubt how popular the bloodstone is in modern culture as well as jewelry.

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