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Black Onyx Jewelry

Said to protect you from harm, the Black Onyx gemstone is popular in many cultures and its history reaches back generations in time. Many of the older civilizations beleived that Onyx jewelry was to be worn at all times, to defend against negativity and spirits. Jewelry set with the mysterious Black Onyx stone is also known to have mystical powers and abilities to see into the future as well as unknown things. 

There are many elements to the Black Onyx gemstone that translates into different meanings. Some of these meanings behind the Black Onyx gemstone include intuition and protection. People who are fans of the Black Onyx love to wear jewelry with this stone to calm their nerves and help steady their habits. Recognized as one of the most powerful protection stones in existence, the Black Onyx can repel negative energy.

Like many other gemstones, the Black Onyx is associated with a planet in our solar system. Saturn shares a positive vibe and meaning with the Black Onyx gemstone. The Black Onyx also connects to the zodiac sign for the Lion. Many Native Americans believed that the Black Onyx stone helped people move on from the past and discover new relationships in the present as well as the future.

Although this stone doesn't possess the brilliance that many other gems do, there are still many people who love and admire the black sheen of this onyx stone. Often worn as beads in a necklace, the Black Onyx gemstone is known to promote pride and confidence, as well as sharpening your senses and desires.

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