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Azotic Mystic Topaz Jewelry

Azotic Mystic Topaz is one of the most brilliantly colored gemstones found in modern jewelry. Based on a colorless topaz, the Mystic Topaz is color-enhanced to brilliance and named after the company Azotic® who owns a proprietary coating enhancement technology. This gemstone gets it's rainbow-like colors from a metallic underpinning that's coated onto the topaz and reflects light through a multitude of facets.

Azotic Mystic Topaz is very durable and it's brilliance makes it a popular choice among jewelers. With a high refractive index and a breathtaking brilliance, the Azotic Mystic Topaz is used in a variety of different jewelry pieces and can look great in a ring or necklace. 

With it's wide range of colors and bright design, it's an extremely popular gemstone for any piece of customized jewelry. Because no two topaz gems are alike, the Azotic Mystic Topaz can vary in color pattern and effect from one gem to another. There are several factors that play into the overall quality of the Azotic Mystic Topaz. The gems color and brilliance are dependent on the quality and cut of the original colorless gemstone. 

Because there are so many different variations of the Azotic Mystic Topaz, there's a lot of demand for the rare nature of this topaz. While most of these stones are smaller in nature it's possible to acquire larger stones or gems when they want a wider range of color and vibrant illumination.

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