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Atlantisite Jewelry

Tasmanite is another name for the Atlantisite gemstone and it has a unique blend of colors that makes it unlike any other gemstone. The colors can range from a yellow-green hue with spots or colorations that can often give it an egg-like look. The gemstone also combines the color purple with the green combination and is usually only found in Zeehan, Tasmania. This gemstone while not very common is very popular given it's relatively short time of existence in the gem collecting and jewelry community.

Atlantisite was given its name by Gerald Pauley and is quickly becoming a rare gemstone that's exceedingly unique for jewelry of all kinds. The gemstone also has connections with growth and health, and it's believed to promote cellular growth and rejuvenation. This gemstone is also believed to be able to cleanse your body and soul, while keeping you attuned to the vast energy of the cosmos and mystical creatures of all types.

The Atlantisite is also believed to promote emotional cleansing and psychic powers. Some part of Tasmania believe that the stone brings love, success and money to it's owners. Many others use the Atlantisite stone to meditate on past problems or existing conditions in their life. There are many fans of the Atlantisite stone promote companionship to those who are alone and looking for love.

This remarkable gemstone also comes in a green serpentine color with splotches of Stichtite and can also vary with pink to purple overtones. With a waxy lustre and shiny sheen, the Atlantisite is rare and used most commonly for necklaces and pendants. 

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