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Arizona Turquoise Jewelry

Arizona is the home of many different mines that produce the rare and beautiful Arizona Turquoise. It's a stone with calm blue hues and a distinct Southwestern flavor. Found usually nearby copper deposits and mines, the Arizona Turquoise gemstone comes in many different styles and variations. These styles point to a webbed facet or varying colors with degrees of depth depending on where they are mined from. Many Arizona Turquoises can come in a solid color, with blue turquoise spots in the gemstones. Either way they are popular in the Southwest as well as all over the world for their unique look and styling.

Native Americans began producing Arizona turquoise many generations ago, and have nearly perfected the styling and beading procedures well before Christopher Columbus discovered America. Native Americans used the Arizona Turquoise to make beads and small sculptures as well as figurines and markers for their lands. Arizona has produced these blue hued gemstones and is one of the leading sources of this gem-quality stones for years.

Popular in the Southwest and the Southern states, the Arizona Turquoise is common in states that like the outdoors and connections to the Wild West. Neck ties, necklaces or bracelets can be accented with this tremendous looking gemstone. 

Although most turquoise stones are found in the Southwest, the Arizona gemstone is particularly found only in Arizona. Most of these gem mines have long been dry however, even though the copper mines in this state still operate commercially. Copper in the ground is what gives the Arizona gemstone it's color and brilliant shine.

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