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Apatite Jewelry

Formed from a base of phosphate minerals, Apatite is a common stone that's both common and popular for many different reasons. Although it's brittle and used for other more industrial purposes, it's also very common in jewelry such as necklaces and rings. Apatite has many different appearances, which makes it very flexible and capable of coming in a variety of colors that can set off your outfit or complete your look.

Apatite is usually green in color but it can vary depending on what combination of elements it takes on. Apatite can also be found in yellow, brown, blue, purple, and pink colors and can even be transparent in many different shapes and sizes. The colors of the apatite stone are often so vivid and beautiful that they are often cut as gemstones or birth stones. Care of the Apatite stone must be carefully planned, because it is a brittle gem and can be easily scratched or cracked. 

The Apatite gemstone is very popular in many different countries in the world. Many of the Asian countries prefer the Apatite in a ring or a necklace, where other European countries like the stone in a decorative setting or used with other colored apatite stones. Over 75% of the world's reserves of phosphate rock and Apatite come from Morocco and Western Sahara.

The apatite stones are very attractive and can come in many translucent colors and ranges of color. These stones of excellent color can also include crystals of rutile that can give the gem an exotic appearance, and make them look like eyes. Because of this reason, the apatite stone is very popular in jewelry and other forms of wearables, such as tiaras, necklaces and customized apatite rings. Although the brittle nature of these gems can be a turn off to many buyers, there are many more that swear by the appearance and the attraction of these incredibly vivid gems.

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