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Ammonite Fossil Jewelry

Ammonite Fossils are some of the most widely used fossils in jewelry today. Formed over millions of years of fossilization, the creatures found in the Ammonite Fossil were typically found around 65 million years ago in the ocean. These creatures would have become extinct at the same time as dinosaurs and are now dug up and excavated to be enjoyed as one of the most unique jewelry center pieces today. The name of the Ammonite Fossil is given to these fossils comes from the Greek god called Ammon.

The creatures that these fossils come from belong to the family of cephalopods, which are creatures like octopus that live in our oceans today. These creatures continually grew new shells and molted the old ones as they grew, which made for an interesting and striking pattern of stripes and colors depending on the Ammonite Fossil of your choice.

Ammonite Fossils are not as common as many other gems and stones, but that doesn't diminish their popularity among those who love these small ancient creatures. Because they came from living beings, these fossils are celebrated in many cultures and countries around the world, for various reasons. Some cultures believe that ingesting or eating the powder of these Ammonite Fossils can help them heal or transform their bodies, giving weight to the incredible range of mystical powers these fossils possess.

The designs of each Ammonite Fossil are as unique as you might imagine, having come from a living creature at one point. Depending on the location and site from which they were extracted, these Ammonite Fossils can also provide a range of colors and stripes that make for an interesting piece of jewelry and definitely a conversation starter. Where most people enjoy the patterns and style of the Ammonite Fossil, many others believe that the once living fossil can convey powers of health and well-being onto the wearer.

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