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Agate Jewelry

The Agate is a crystalline stone that's usually connected to meanings of strength and determination through time. Agate was and has been popular among many cultures and communities through time, and was once adorned by ancient cultures on their armor and weaponry. Meant to infer power and strength to their warriors, agate is a popular stone that's been used throughout time for many decorative and subliminal meanings. 

The Agate stone is commonly known for the balance of energy and focus, for conferring courage and strength in the darkest of times. For this reason this stone has been worn by many chiefs and important people in positions of power. It's also known to be a healing stone with magical properties of calming and protection. Many cultures also used this stone in cooking processes to cleanse or wipe away sickness from their loved ones. Because of the crystalline nature of this stone, there are many appearances that agate can take on given its age and where it's mined from.

One of the most popular styles of stone for any kind of jewelry, agate is known to stabilize your personal aura by removing negative energy. This transformation makes the agate stone very popular for any culture or class, and it's commonly found in necklaces or good luck charms. Agate also happens to be a stone of love and relationships, especially the white agate which is a stone that confers marital and romantic fidelity.

Although the agate stone comes in a variety of colors and hues, there are many people who love the stone and swear by it in any form of jewelry. In particular the white agate has much to do with love and the commitment between two people, making it an excellent gift for lovers and couples alike. Agate stones can be shaped in a various different forms and put into customized settings, making them very flexible and durable in any situation. The Agate stone is also one of the most commonly used stones in necklaces because of its unique coloration and meanings.

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