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African Green Opal Jewelry

One of the most well-known agate stones in existence, the African Green Opal gets its name from the appearance of the stone. Taking on a truly opal appearance, the African Green Opal is is common in personal jewelry as well as business accents and highlights. Young and old collectors enjoy the benefits and good looks of this incredibly flexible stone. 

The African Green Opal is believed to take on several different qualities, and is known as a stone that emits energy and progress. This belief is why it's so commonly used in business purposes and is enjoyed by professionals around the world. It's also believed to have abilities imbued in the stone, making it a popular choice for people who want to turn the book and open a new chapter of their life, no matter what it is. 

Extremely popular and often substituted for jade jewelry, African Green Opal is well received in any kind of jewelry setting. Known to get things and objects advancing or moving, this green stone can take on an eerie sheen that's well received by many people. Popular with collectors and jewelry lovers who use this stone for accents in necklaces and bracelets, African Green Opal is a very popular stone no matter what part of the world you live in.

African Green Opal shares a lot of similar traits with Prasopal which is also found in Africa and mined from central Tanzania as well as in the mountains of East Africa. There are several variations of this stone, including the Tanzanian Green Opal. The African Green Opal is a beautiful opal that has lots of vibrant qualities when exposed to sunlight. This vibrant color selection gives you the best quality and features for a price that's often well under this kind of luminesce. This African Green Opal is found close to the surface, which makes it easier to mine than other traditional stones. However this doesn't mean that there's an abundance of this stone, because production is very low, which boosts it's value and unique factor in any piece of jewelry.

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