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Apatite Pendant
Apatite, also known as Fluorapatite or Chlorapatite, was so-named from a Greek word meaning “to be misleading” because it was often mistaken for other gemstones. Primarily from Brazil, Burma, and Mexico, Apatite gemstones are available in a wide variety of colors, with blue or green being the most popular. Transparent green Apatite is referred to as “Asparagus Stone,” and blue Apatite is also called “Moroxite.” During the Apollo missions, astronauts collected moon rocks that were found to contain traces of Apatite.

Several positive attributes associated with Apatite include motivation, independence, communication, and ambition, making Apatite jewelry a perfect gift for anyone in business management or leadership. Transparent Apatite specimens of “clean” color are often faceted, and chatoyant Cat’s Eye Apatite gemstones display Cat’s Eye-like tendencies with a thin band of light that runs through the heart of the stone. Other possible Apatite colors include gold, lemon yellow, honey amber, Black Apatite, various shades of red and burgundy, deep brown, gray, and even violet.

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