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Tourmaline Jewelry

One of the most incredible looking gems on the planet, Tourmaline can come in a variety of styles and colors most often used by the ancient Egyptians and their many crowns and scepters, the Tourmaline gemstone can come in brilliant colorations of the rainbow.

The Tourmaline stone gets its name from the Singhalese phrase 'tura mali' which means a stone with mixed colors. The name of this stone is highly accurate because it's found in a variety of different colors.

This gemstone is made up of mixed crystals containing aluminum boron silicate as well as other minerals.

In the gemstone world the Tourmaline has got a lot of value because of its wide range of colors. Many gem collectors give different names to the different colors of the stone but for most jewelers they prefer sticking to the Tourmaline name. 

One of the most common types of this stone is the Verdelite, which is the dream variation. It can often be confused with an emerald because of its bright colorations and brilliant shine.

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